HR; understanding their value

HR; understanding their value

A good HR person should be able to look at everything they do and assign a value to it. Spend three days rewriting a policy; what did that cost in their time and what will it costs managers in time when they come to implement it? Still using paper documents; what resources are needed to complete, check, and process these? Do your policies work on control rather than trust; how long does it take to deal with a performance issue in accordance with the policy? Giving tasks a financial value enables a business to see what adds value and what distracts from the main purpose of the business. There will always be compliance and legal requirements within an organisation; a good HR person will work within these to fit your organisation. Do you really need a 57 page handbook with a policy for every eventuality? If anything, 2020 has shown us that the rules just don’t apply anymore and we need to be more flexible, creative and quick to adapt. The best HR people are those who can look at the bigger picture, within and outside your organisation, and make decisions based on it being the right thing to do!

So many times, we see HR people doing to role of the manager, even the CIPD allude to it when they say, ‘the HR function helps an organisation deliver its corporate strategy and objectives by effectively recruiting and developing people and managing their performance’. The HR support is not there to recruit, develop and manage people, if they are doing that then your managers are not doing what you pay them for, and you are not getting any value from your HR support; they either don’t have enough to do, they don’t know how to do it, or you don’t empower them to do it. Which could it be in your organisation?

Do you enable your HR support to add value to your business? Do you involve them in people based decisions from the very outset or are they an afterthought?   What is the largest cost and most important resource in the business? Nine times out of ten the answer will be your people. A good HR person knows about people, not just the fluffy nice to have stuff, but how to train, engage and motivate them to achieve great things for your business.

So next time you hear yourself say, “I don’t need HR” really think about what value you COULD get if you use this resource to its full potential!

Hint: If your HR support jump in to do it for your managers, ask them ‘why’, ask them again, and then ask them again. Then ask yourself if you are enabling this with your expectations of your HR support.

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