Employment Law

Good employment law is only as good as the balance of HR support you’ve got within the business and we know how to blend and support the two. There’s no point hiring good people if responsibilities don’t reflect roles, managers don’t manage, or your contracts conflict with processes.

Alpaca can balance the competing pressures of reputational harm and principles against the simple fact that every tribunal claim IS going to cost you money, even if you win.
Wherever possible, we’d rather show you how to do some of this stuff yourself (do you REALLY need that old fashioned handbook.. ?), but when you need the experts for any of the following, we’re pretty sure you’ll find us amenable:

“Sally was a very impressive and helpful individual with my case. She was recommended to me by a friend and as soon as I engaged with her she was extremely professional and helpful. She immediately grasped the case and didn’t judge at all and I immediately felt at ease. I really appreciated Sally being my lawyer and would highly recommend her to anyone. Sally- thank you very much for all your help…​”

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