What’s so good about HR?

What’s so good about HR?

Where does it really add value? What do you get as an organisation from different HR roles or levels? What should your HR function be doing for you? What should your HR function NOT be doing for you?

Welcome to part one in a series of HR blog posts over the coming week.

Anyone that has recruited an internal HR professional will know that the job titles are a minefield, and to be honest most HR professionals also struggle to figure out what they mean. We have seen it all, ‘Heads of HR’ with no previous qualifications or experience, People Directors that have been home grown from a Sales Administrators and given HR because someone at the top thought they needed HR, HR managers who also act as the PA to the CEO; where’s their priority? Now it’s not to say that this approach will not work, and we love to talk about a T shaped generalist in Alpaca. It is just worth noting however that you are going to get a different level of support and knowledge from your HR person depending on their previous experience and qualifications and that might not always be what your business needs.

“What HR resource do I need?” we hear you ask, and “what value should I be getting from them?” Well, that will depend on a number of factors relating to your business including the size, number of employees, management capabilities, number of employment disputes, staff turnover and last but certainly not least whether you would value a strategic people plan to run alongside your company strategy.

“What do HR do again?” “I thought they were there to hire and fire!”

The CIPD states the HR function helps an organisation deliver its corporate strategy and objectives by effectively recruiting and developing people and managing their performance” Other than the corporate strategy piece at Alpaca we don’t agree with this definition, having worked with many organisations, large and small; some with their own HR team, others without, we now feel confident that we know what makes HR great and why it is important to you to get it right. A bold claim perhaps? Our posts for the rest of the week will explain this in more detail.

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