Your HR Support knows and understands the strategy and the detail that underpins it.

Your HR Support knows and understands the strategy and the detail that underpins it.

Good HR support should always align to the strategy; regardless of their experience they should be able to take the strategy and apply it across the organisation, constantly asking themselves, ‘what does this mean to the employees?’ and ‘How does this impact on the way in which they work?’ followed by, ‘Do we have the right people with the right skills?’ Good HR support should be able to explain why changes are necessary and how they link to the strategy.

It is no good having HR support that comes up with initiatives that do not have a clear line back to the strategy; If your strategy is all about cost cutting, let’s have recognitions that don’t cost you money. If your internal communications need improving, let’s not have a newsletter (yep, we still see them!) but instead find a way to use technology to send out short relevant timely messages. If you are looking for flexibility in your workforce, does your HR support review your contracts to ensure they reflect this? Does your HR support know what the recruitment market is doing, and can they identify the most cost-efficient way of hiring the right skills for your organisation? Does your HR support constantly ask themselves, “how does this help us achieve our strategy?” Really good HR support should also be able to challenge appropriately when they believe an initiative doesn’t align to the strategy or more importantly has a negative impact on the people and or the organisation.

Not getting this from your HR support, perhaps they don’t have the right level of experience for the role. If you would like a confidential chat with one of our experts about what sort of support you need and how to go about getting it email us at

Hint: HR people that can read financial reports, analyse the data, and translate it into simple meaningful actions and communications are worth their weight in gold!

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