Opportunity Engine


Since 2014 Alpaca has been pushing clients to innovate, think laterally, challenge assumptions and disrupt. Now the world is forcing every business owner to consider doing just that – and within an accelerated period of time. We want to help.

We love joining dots, creating opportunity and facilitating collaboration. We know that bubblewrap was invented to be wallpaper, that post it notes were an accidental by-product of trying to invent a really sticky glue and Wrigleys used to give away its gum for free when you bought their soap. Turned out the gum WAS the product.

If you want to find somebody with whom to collaborate, somebody to help create an invention, somebody to build your invention, if you have an invention without a market, or a market without an invention (ie an audience but no product to sell because, well, Coronavirus), drop us a line.

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No promises, no strings, no cost. We’ll do our best to join some dots at this end and see what we can come back to you with. It’s like Dragons Den without the fully formed business plan, stripy socks, or the money…

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